Anupama-Anuj Kapadia Become ‘Sher-Sherni’ as Guest Insults Bapuji And Age Shames Him at Party, #MaAn Fans React – Check Tweets

Anupamaa new episode latest update: The drama between the Kapadias and the Shahs doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon, especially when an extended family has joined the entire fun now. In the Wednesday episode of Anupamaa, Anuj Kapadia once again became the wall for his wife and didn’t let anyone get away with insulting her or her family.

In a big showdown, a guest at the party insulted Bapuji when he took a loud burp and broke the glass on the floor by mistake. The guest, who was a friend of Anuj’s sister-in-law, called Bapuji illiterate and uncivilised but as she carried on, she got an earful from Anupama who asked her to stop age-shaming someone who is definitely not as modern-looking as her. Anupama gave the woman peace of her mind and told her that she should think of all the elderly people in her family before insulting someone as senior as Bapuji.

Anuj joined Anupama in schooling the woman and also asked her to apologise to ‘his father.’ Now that gesture has won everyone’s hearts. The #MaAn fans are once again in awe of Anuj Kapadia for supporting Anupama left right and centre, and not mincing any word in making the woman realise her stupidity and arrogance.

Check how the #MaAn fans are reacting to their ‘sher and sherni’ as Anupama and Anuj team up at their house-warming party:

Even though Anupama has walked out of the toxic Shah house and is entering into her new life with Anuj, the challenges are still the same for her. While the class difference is one thing, she is also fighting to make sure her new family stays together despite all the negativity here and there. In a parallel story, Pakhi seems to be finding her match in a young boy from Anuj’s family. It will be interesting to see how things shape up from here and how Vanraj continues to create troubles for Anupama. Watch this space for all the latest updates on the show!