Feels Like Home Review: The Feel Good Entertainer is a Nostalgic Ride to College Life

Feels Like Home Review: College life isn’t just about parties, romance, hook-ups, and break-ups; it’s also a trip from boy to manhood, and it’s even more difficult to break out of your box if you’re living separately from your parents. ‘Feels Like Home,’ Lionsgate Play’s third original, is a hilarious roller-coaster ride about four boys navigating maturity in their new home. The show is helmed by Sahir Raza and created by Sidhanta Mathur, who co-wrote the series with Chiranjeevi Bajpai, Parikshit Joshi, and Gauri Divyaa Pandit.

Director: Sahir Raza
Producer: Lionsgate India and Writeous Studio
Created by: Sidhanta Mathur
Cast: Preet Kammani, Anshuman Malhotra, Vishnu Kaushal, Mihir Ahuja, Himika Bose, Inayat Sood
Writers: Parikshit Joshi, Chiranjeevi Bajpayee, Gauri Pandit, Sidhanta Mathur

Feels Like Home stars Preet Kammani, Vishnu Kaushal, Anshuman Malhotra, Mihir Ahuja, Inayat Sood, and Himika Bose, who play Lakshay, Avinash, Sameer, and Akhil Gandhi. They rent a house and intend to live together for the rest of their college years. They have their reasons, but they gradually establish a tie of brotherhood, caring for one another, bickering over minor concerns, but figuring it out among themselves, which is a delight to watch.

Lakshay, who was raised by a single mother and is always ready for the next adventure, is a party animal, but Sameer is serious about life because he needs to prove his father wrong. Finally, an immigrant from Ghana, Akhil, who desires to be a cricketer but lacks stamina, is a pampered little affluent child who has no understanding of life or any sense. Finally, Avinash, the odd-nervous group’s energy, is performed by Vishnu Kaushal. He has no idea what he’s doing; he just goes with the flow and ends up covering up one blunder after another.

The brand new offering from Lionsgate Play, Feels Like Home, is a sweet, and sensitive drama about boys and their insecurities, quirks, vulnerabilities, desires, and take on life, and a high dose of fun. The show takes the audience on a journey of boys transitioning into men, which is hilarious, loveable, and silly at times.

Within the first episode, the writer develops all of the characters and their interactions, leading to a fascinating voyage of self-discovery, first kiss, break-up, and creating a humanistic link with friends. Without any profanity or over-the-top drama, the series is quirky and discusses topics that guys face, such as insecurity, fear, dreams, goals, and ambitions. It’s ideal for a relaxed weekend or afternoon binge-watch.

Rating: 3.5/5

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