Naagin 6, June 12, Written Episode: Mehek Becomes Sheshnaagin, Pratha Wakes up From Coma

Naagin 6, June 12, Written Episode: In the new episode Mehek aka Mahek Chahal and Rishabh aka Simba Nagpal’s marriage anniversary is being celebrated. Mehek notices a shadow twice at her house while her anniversary celebrations are on full swing. Rishabh’s mother Chanda taunts Mehek, that the latter should live with fear after what she did to her sister Pratha. Urvashi aka Urvashi Dholakia arrives at the party and both rejoice on the occasion. Rishabh sits alone at his room when he gets a call for a business meeting. Mehek tries to stop him but he tells her nothing is more important to him than setting up his business. As Rishabh leaves for his business meeting, Mehek asks her driver to take her to Nagmahal.

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Mehek is Sheshnaagin Now

Mehek reaches Nagmahal and announces it’s the time for her to claim herself as the next Sheshnaagin. Suddenly, a large snake attacks Mehek but she kills it which then disappears on its own. Farishta and Sheshnaag arrive at the scene and begin the ritual of Mehek’s coronation as Sheshnaagin. Mehek prayers get accepted by Lord Shiva as the Nag Mani is granted to her. After Mehek becomes Sheshnaagin, Farishta and Sheshnaag are disappointed. Sheshnaag assures Farishta that time will decide the fate and everything is up to Lord Shiva’s will.

Pratha is Back From Coma

Rishabh at his board meeting refuses to do any philanthropy. He tells his investors, he is a changed man now and for him the only purpose is to make profits. Mehek starts insulting her ancestors at Nagmahal by breaking their portraits and cursing them for not declaring her Sheshnaagin. Far away at a secret hideout Pratha is in deep coma under Jwala’s care. Jwala asks her to wake up and seek revenge. Jwala nd other women pray to Lord Shiva. Pratha wakes up and gets angry at Jwala for saving her life. Jwala asks her to relax and reveals how she and inspector Vijay faked her hanging and saved her. Jwala tells Pratha she needs to stand up for herself and punish those who betrayed her.

Pratha Tries to Commit Suicide

Urvashi looks at Mehek’s mother’s picture and says she destroy India by teaming up with Mehek who’s now Sheshnaagin. Urvashi declares she will do what the virus couldn’t do to this country. Pratha escapes the hideout while Jwala and other women are asleep. She creates her own pyre at a jungle and decides to commit suicide as she has no purpose to survive after her newborn’s death.

In the upcoming episode Pratha sees Mehek at the Nagmahal boasting about her Sheshnaagin powers. Pratha takes oath in front of Shivling that she will come back again as the most powerful Sheshnaagin.

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