Mahima Chaudhry Shows Her Wig, Talks About Hair Shaming in Inspiring Post After Cancer Diagnosis – Watch Viral Video

Mahima Chaudhry wig viral video: It’s difficult to accept when life throws you a curveball and you find yourself struggling with a severe health condition. Everything that was or that could have been, seems to fade away and that’s the reason personal stories of such struggles are always inspiring. After actor Anupam Kher took it upon himself to reveal the cancer diagnosis of fellow actor Mahima Chaudhry, lots of love and good wishes travelled her way. Now, in another post, Mahima has talked about the importance of just letting yourself be while dealing with a health crisis.

In her new post on Instagram, she highlighted how she lost her hair while going through the treatment for breast cancer but she felt confident wearing a wig. The actress mentioned how one shall do away with the fear of judgment when trying to get back to normalcy after beating cancer. Mahima wrote many people never noticed that she was wearing a wig all this time while a few did but she never cared.

A part of her inspirational post read, “Bald is beautiful. It is. But so many of you who mite want kool wigs go for it .. wear it.. wat ever works for u. u find very natural looking ones.I have had so many people who met me recently say they never noticed I was wearing a wig. Some did. No big deal (sic).” Check her full post here:

Mahima is seen rocking her wig while posing for the camera in the video that she posted alongside the caption. The actress can be seen posing for happy photos with Anupam Kher in the same video. The veteran actor even commented on the post and wrote, “God made few perfect heads! Rest he covered with here. You are a beautiful person. And ultimately that is what matters. Live your life on your own terms. Love and prayers always! 💕💪 (sic).”

It was earlier this week that Mahima opened up about her fight with breast cancer. The actress revealed that she is now cancer-free and it was only when Kher insisted she accepts a role in his film that she revealed what she had been going through. Mahima has found a lot of positivity online ever since. Many people from the industry reached out to the actress to show their solidarity and her fans also sent strength to her via messages. We wish her a speedy recovery!