Mahesh Babu Controversy: Boney Kapoor Reacts to ‘Bollywood Cannot Afford Me’ Statement

Mahesh Babu Bollywood Controversy: Actor Mahesh Babu’s recent statement on working in Bollywood has sparked enough hoopla in past few days. After Bollywood producer Mukesh Bhatt, Boney Kapoor and Ram Gopal Varma have also reacted to Mahesh’s remarks. While Boney refused to give any opinion, RGV gave his views on the Tollywood superstar’s thoughts the latter expressed at a press conference. Check out this video shared by photographer Viral Bhayani at a promotional event:


Boney Says Refuses to Comment on Mahesh Babu!

According to a TOI report, Boney said he can’t comment on one particular industry because he belongs to both sides. He stated that he has done films in both Tamil and Telugu, therefore, he may not be the right person to comment on this. Boney opined that Mahesh has the right to say whatever he feels as he might feel that the Hindi film industry may not be able to afford him and he may have his reasons for saying this. The Bollywood producer started his career with Hum Paanch, a remake of the Kannada/Telugu film Paduvaaralli Pandavaru. His Woh Saath Din with Anil Kapoor was also a remake of the 1981 Tamil film Andha 7 Naatkal.

RGV Says Bollywood is Not a Company!

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma known for his outspoken views opined that Bollywood is not a company. Varma said it is a label given by media. He pointed out, “An individual movie company or a production house will ask you to do a film at a particular cost, so how can he generalize Bollywood, I don’t understand that. Bollywood is not a company, so his context is not understood.” While responding to India Today, Varma told he didn’t understand Mahesh’s “Bollywood can’t afford me statement.” The filmmaker said, “I am still unable to figure out what he meant by that because the point is, if you see the recent South Indian films, they were dubbed and released and they made whatever money they did.”

The Telugu actor’s much anticipated action-drama Sarkaru Vaari Paata recently released in theatres.\

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