Mukesh Bhatt Breaks Silence on Mahesh Babu’s ‘Bollywood Can’t Afford Me’ Statement: ‘Then Very Good’

Mukesh Bhatt on Mahesh Babu’s Viral Bollywood Statement: Telugu actor Mahesh Babu has been making headlines lately for his statement that Bollywood cannot afford him. Last week, at the trailer launch of Major, Mahesh said he doesn’t want to do Hindi films. Now, Bollywood film producer Mukesh Bhatt has reacted on the same and said ‘it’s very good’ that Hindi industry can’t afford his price. Mukesh Bhatt, who has produced films such as, Aashiqui 2, Love Games, Sadak 2, said in an interview with India Today, “If Bollywood can’t afford his price, then very good. I wish him all the best. I respect where he comes from. He has talent and he has an ‘X’ value for the talent that he has generated over the years. He is a very successful actor and keeping to his requisite of what he wants to get in terms of gratification of our films, if Bollywood cannot work to his expectations, then there is nothing wrong with it. I wish him all the best. Each one to its own.”

However, Mahesh Babu’s team clarified, read on:

On Wednesday, Mahesh Babu’s team released an official statement on his stance and mentioned that the actor’s statement was blown out of proportion.’ The team has clarified that the popular star respects and loves all the languages and wouldn’t belittle any one language. The full statement from Mahesh Babu’s team reads: “Mahesh has clarified that he loves cinema and respects all languages. He said he is comfortable doing the film where he has been working. Mahesh said he is happy to see his dream coming true as Telugu cinema is going places (sic).”

Mahesh Babu’s previous Bollywood statement:

Mahesh Babu had said, “I did get a lot of offers in Hindi but I don’t think they can afford me. I don’t want to waste my time working in an industry which can’t afford me. The stardom and the respect I get here is huge, so I never really thought of leaving my industry and going to some other industry,”