Krushna Abhishek: Govinda Ji Never Helped us Professionally But Supported us Like ‘Ma’

Mumbai: Krushna Abhishek is one of the most popular faces on Indian television today. He has also done comedy roles in many movies. However, things didn’t always seem so happy and easy. There was a time when the actor had to struggle hard to even pay his rent and make his basic livelihood in Mumbai. Krushna spoke about that period in an interview with Maniesh Paul recently.

The comedian also mentioned his superstar uncle – Govinda and how he never helped him and his family professionally. However, he mentioned that the actor always stood by them and took care of them like a mother figure. Krushna said, “Govinda ji was there. He has always helped us. He provided us support like ‘Ma’. Professionally, he never helped us because he wanted us to have our own struggles and grow organically. I didn’t get any work. I did temporary jobs. Worked in music videos for Rs. 5000.”

The actor also talked about his struggle with depression. Krushna said his film with Abbas Mustan had tanked after which he had no work at all for two years. “I had no prep and jumped with the opportunity and the film tanked. Then I had no work and went into depression. I went to the South and even their films didn’t work. I didn’t get work for around two years. Then my father had no money. I was sick and got hospitalised,” he said.

Krushna has been talking about mending differences with his Chi Chi mama and his family. He also recently went emotional and said he misses Govinda a lot and wishes for a happy family.