Anupama Fans Hugely Disappointed With Bapuji’s Heart Attack Track After #MaAn Mehendi | Written Update, May 11

Anupama Written Update, May 11: The fans of Anupamaa are once again expressing their disappointment with the makers of the show. After the Wednesday episode, the #MaAn fans took to Twitter to highlight how the writers have once again tried to whitewash Vanraj’s image and cause unnecessary trouble for Anuj and Anupama in their current wedding track. As shown in the latest episode, Anuj and Vanraj had a face-off where the latter warned Anuj against taking his place in his kids’ lives. Vanraj told Anuj that he loves his three kids and would break down if he sees them replacing their father with someone else in their hearts.

Anuj, who always behaves far more mature than Vanraj in such sensitive situations, tells him that there’s no need to worry or be insecure of him. Anuj says that he is marrying Anupama and he would always be a guide and a mentor to her kids but will never take Vanraj’s place in their lives. However, he asserted that Vanraj should mend his ways and stop losing his relationships or else his own kids would disown him soon.

Later, the two go back to the Shah house and tell the worried family that everything is fine and they had gone out to initiate an important conversation. The Sangeet ceremony continues and we see Anuj and Anupama creating a beautiful scene where they explore their lives had they met each other and fell in love 27 years back. While this part is something that has won the audience’s hearts, the #MaAn fans are really not impressed with the major part of the current storyline. The promo of the next episode shows Bapuji falling unconscious after suffering a heart attack in the middle of the Sangeet ceremony.

Here’s why the #MaAn fans are annoyed with the latest episode of Anupama:

This week didn’t begin well for the fans of the show. The viewers have been trending ‘Stop Ruining Anupama’ after the actress showed her mehendi design and the fans didn’t seem happy with the shoddy job done there. Many fans took to Twitter to mention that even they could apply a better henna design with one hand than what the makers have done with Anupama’s wedding mehendi in the show. Your thoughts on what’s happening in the show? Watch this space for all the latest update on Anupamaa!