Kajal Aggarwal Apologises After Getting Trolled For Plagiarising Mother’s Day Poem – Check

Kajal Aggarwal Apologises Post Trolling: Actor Kajal Aggarwal was chastised for plagiarising a writer’s poetry and description for an Instagram post on Mother’s Day. However, she went back and changed her post, giving credit to the poem’s author, Sarah. Following the uproar, she disabled the comments on the post. The new mommy shared a poem titled ‘Dear Mum’ on Mother’s Day on her Instagram.

The poem was written by Sarah, who goes by the Instagram handle Matrescent Muse. Sarah had shared Kajal Aggarwal’s post on her Instagram Stories and requested her fans to inform the actor. In the stories that she removed afterward. Sarah wrote, “My Dear Mum poem passed off as original work by @kajalaggarwalofficial. Even the caption is copied with a few words swapped out haha. If anyone has time to comment on her post asking her to give me credit, would hugely appreciate it!! Hopefully a misunderstanding…”

In another story she shared the screengrab of Kajal’s Instagram profile, she wrote, “If anyone has time to visit her page and tag me in the post, that would be great for someone with this many followers it will probably get ignored but it’s pretty disappointing! The weird copy of my original caption with a few words swapped out makes me think it isn’t an honest mistake. @kajalaggarwalofficial”

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Soon after, Kajal apologized to the original writer and gave her due credit in the post. Speaking about the same, Sarah wrote on Instagram, “To follow up on the events of last night, I thought I’d share that I had a direct message from Kajal Aggarwal apologising for what happened. I also had some interesting messages from those who I assume might be fans of the actress. It’s all a little bit more than anything I would like to have been involved in, so I’m very glad it’s over. Thanks to everyone who supported me in getting my original work credited. I’ll be happy when this has drifted away.”

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Soon after Sarah called out Kajal for plagiarising her poetry and caption, and the actor quickly amended her post. She updated the caption with credits, “I love you @vinayagg2060 you’re the most special person in my life! Thank you for being the best nani to Neil..Poem courtesy – @matrescentmuse (sic).”

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Kajal’s first picture with her little baby boy!

On the same day, Kajal revealed the first photo of her baby Neil. She also included a lengthy note with the photo. The caption read, “Dearest Neil, My first. I want you to know how precious you are and always will be to me. The moment I held you in my arms, held your tiny little hand in mine, felt your warm breath and saw your beautiful eyes, I knew I was in love forever. You are my first child. My first son. My first everything, really. In the years to come, I will try my best to teach you, but you have already taught me infinite amounts. You have taught me what it is to be a mother. You have taught me to be selfless. Pure love. You have taught me that it is possible to have a piece of my heart outside of my body. And it’s such a scary thing, but more than that, it’s beautiful. And I still have so much to learn. Thank you for being the one with whom I get to experience all of these firsts. There is no one else who could have done it. God chose you, my little prince. I pray that you grow up strong and sweet and that you have a heart for others. I pray that you never let this world dull your bright and lovely personality. I pray that you are courageous and kind and generous and patient. I already see so much of this in you, and it makes me so proud to call you mine! You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars, little one. Don’t you ever forget that.”

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