Anupamaa Fans Massively Upset With Makers, Trend ‘Stop Ruining Anupama’ After Latest Episode | Written Update, May 9

Anupamaa Written Update, May 9: The fans of Anupamaa are pretty furious with the latest episode. On Monday, the makers wrapped up the Sangeet and Mehendi special episode with Mika’s performance and a solid banter between Anuj Kapadia and Vanraj Shah. However, fans think that this entire Vanraj vs Anuj sequence was quite unnecessary. The #MaAn fans are of the opinion that the makers shouldn’t be giving this amount of footage to Vanraj’s toxic character who’s simply after the lives of Anuj and Anupama and is looking out for things to ruin their happiness.

As shown in the Monday episode, Vanraj takes Anuj to an unknown place to vent his feelings. He warns Anuj against getting close to his kids – Pakhi, Toshu and Samar. He tells him that while he doesn’t care about his relationship with Anupama, his closeness with his kids irks him and he should stay away from them. This makes Anuj go furious. He tells Vanraj that he would love Anupama’s kids like his own and will try and build a good relationship with them because that’s what Anupama also loves. However, this special scene in between all the wedding fun has caused the fans to go berserk on social media. What triggered more disappointment was Anupama’s mehendi design. Many social media users took to Twitter to mention how any novice could design better Mehendi for the actress than the shoddy job done by the one hired by the production.

So much so that the fans trend ‘Stop Ruining Anupama’ on Twitter. Check interesting tweets on Anupamaa’s latest episode:

The #MaAn fans enjoyed the last week when the makers showed Anuj and Anupama on a romantic date. They also began to steal little intimate moments away from the hustle-bustle in the Shah family. Are you happy with the episode today? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!