Naagin 6, May 7, Written Episode: Seema’s Dark Secret Revealed, Pratha Performs Tandav, Seeks Lord Shiva’s Help!

Naagin 6 May 7 Episode Written Update: The episode resumes from last week’s cliffhanger as Rishabh aka Simba Nagpal’s real mother Chanda enters the house. As Seema aka Sudha Chandran. gets shocked suddenly the house catches fire from somewhere. Rishabh in attempt to save Seema has a brush off with fire but Chanda saves him by pulling him out of the flame. Pratha aka Tejasswi Prakash tells Rishabh that Chanda is Seema’s best friend and her surprise gift to her mom-in-law. Rishabh gets to know from his wife that Chanda has lost her memory and is worried about her missing son. Rishabh consoles Chanda and says she is like his own mother.

Pratha Confronts Dadi!

Later, Seema tries to enter Chanda’s room but gets tied up by a snake. Pratha later tells her that she can’t harm Rishabh’s mom. Pratha tricks Seema to give Chanda a leg massage in front of Rishabh. Rishabh then does the same as Pratha teases Maha Asur. Pratha tells Seema she knows that there is a secret only Chanda knows which Seema wants to find out. Sheshnagin tells Mehek aka Mahekk Chahal that when Rishab’s mom entered the party even Dadi was shocked to see her. Afterwards, confronts Dadi, the latter says she can’t tell this big secret to anyone. Check out this video from Naagin 6:

Sheshnagin Performs Tandav Nritya!

The next day as Sheshnagin wakes up she gets to know from her husband that Seema has sent Dadi on a Teerth-Yatra(Holy Pilgrimage). However, Dadi writes Nagmahal with lipstick on a mirror. Following the clue Pratha and Mehek reach Nagmhal and find a ring of Pratha’s Nani similar to Dadi’s finger ring. As both wonder if Dadi and Nani knew each other they are interrupted by a giant snake who doubts their inetntions. Pratha performs Tandav Nritya to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings. The snake goes away and makes way for Sheshnagin. Mehek tells Pratha to go and come fast as the cave door starts closing. Pratha discovers a picture of Asur Vansh with Seema’s picture in the middle similar to one she saw in the Shesh Nag book. As Mehek shouts Pratha comes out of the cave with the picture.

Pratha And Mehek Learn Their Family Secret!

Back home, Rishabh’s Dad sees Seema about to kill Rishabh. He tells her to not kill him but later realizes Seema and Rishabh were actually Pratha and Mehek trying to get out information from him. They show him the picture of Seema they got from Naagmandir, which he tells is actually Seema’s mom Tara. and he starts narrating them what had happened years ago. As he narrates the story, in the flashback a young Mehek comes to her Sheshnagin Nani when the priest predicts that her maternal granddaughter will be her successor. When Sheshnagin asks about Mehek’s future he tells her to keep Mehek away from water hinting her unborn granddaughter could possibly be Sheshnagin. Later Tara aka Sudha Chandran threatens Sheshnagin to give her the mani and kalash which the latter refuses. Nani later tells Mehek and unborn Pratha’s mother that the Kalash is our strength against Asuras.

In the upcoming episode Pratha and Maha Asur fight for Kalash which is being guarded by an Ikshadhaari Nevla(mongoose).

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