Anupamaa: OMG! Kavya – Vanraj Fetch Audience’s Attention as They Groove to ‘Gulabi Aankhen’- See Viral Video

Anupamaa: Anupamaa star Madalsa Sharma continues to entertain her fans with her pictures and reels on social media. Her on-screen chemistry with Sudhanshu Pandey , who plays Vanraj on the show has a separate fan base. Madalsa keeps uploading behind-the-scenes and reels with Sudhanshu to excite Jodi fans, and they are undeniably entertaining.

Kavya-Vanraj’s latest video winning the hearts 

The Star-hit Jodi has recently uploaded a reel few days ago. The duo can be seen performing on Gulabi Aankhen and again won the hearts of the audiences.  Madal Sharma captioned the video “Presenting to you a very beautiful short story, filled with songs and romance❤️…. and then she came to know the red sports car in the background didn’t belong to the man…! Samachaar samaapt! #vanya”

Vanya Fans seem to enjoy their performance. “Favorite Jodi, Always and Forever,” one fan wrote. Fans not just drooled over their chemistry but were also missing their number one Jodi on social media. Another user wrote “I really missed this pair”

Check out this video of Kavya-Vanraj grooving on ‘Gulabi Aankhen’

Madalsa Sharma earned her popularity as Kavya on the show:-

Madalsa Sharma’s performance in the TV drama Anupamaa earned her popularity for her negative portrayal as Kavya. Sharma’s acting skills brought the role to life, as she is now a popular TV face receiving audience’s praise. Sharma, in an interaction with Just ShowBiz said she considers herself fortunate to play Kavya.

“Kavya is a very straight forward girl. She is not at all confusing that’s why you can see so many different sides of her. When we see characters like Kavya; who is having extra-marital affair we already have a negative perception. But Kavya’s act in the show is justified every time. She is not a typical narrow-minded girl; though she is in love with Vanraj. But when she sees him mistreating Anupamaa she takes her side”.

Television’s iconic serial Anupamaa has been at the top of the TRP list. This is why the actors of the show are also dominating the social media. This week Anupama has earned the TRP ratings of 3.6 making it the number one show in the country once again.

What do you guys think of this lovely pair?