Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma Left Blushing After Reading Sara Khan’s Tweet, Says, ‘I Miss You’

Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma Blushes For Sara Khan: Lock Upp hosted by Kangana Ranaut never misses out entertaining its views with fair share of controversies and gossips. The reality show that has garnered more than 300 million views recently came up with a fun task where Shivam Sharma was shown a tweet by former inmate Sara Khan. As Azma Fallah and Prince Narula teased Shivam, the latter blushed. Check out this video clip from Lock Upp:

Prince Shares Expereince With Wife Yuvika Chaudhary!

In the new episode, inmates were given a task where they were shown various tweets. The contestants had to identify the name of the person about whom the tweet was posted. Former contestant Sara’s tweet also appeared on the screen. Most contestants wrote Shivam’s name. Explaining why he wrote Shivam’s name, Prince told he had a similar experience on a show. He said, “I proposed Yuvika and she refused me then. However, she found me to be a genuine guy, after stepping out of the show.” Check out Sara’s tweet mentioning Shivam:


Shivam Says He Misses Sara!

Sara captioned her tweet as, “From what I have experienced and seen I feel Shivam is one of the most genuine and also a Strong khaidi in lockupp #Sarakhan #ShivamSharma #LockUpp @altbalaji.” Prince pointed out, “So, I feel Sara must have called Shivam a one-sided affair when she was on the show. Beautiful girls take time, as they must because it is not wise to take such decision in haste. So, I think the name should be Shivam).” Shivam blushed listening to Prince and  Azma Fallah and Anjali Arora. When it was revealed that Sara actually wrote Shivam’s name in the tweet the latter was overjoyed and confessed, “Khan saab(Shivam’s nickname for Sara), I miss you.”

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