Anupamaa Written Update, May 6: #MaAn Makes Promises And Plans Future, Baa Lies to Bapuji

Anupamaa Written Update, May 6: Anuj Kapadia and Anupama completed their first date in the latest episode of Anupamaa on Friday. The two, who are going to get married soon, started their date with college romance but ended on a more mature note where promises were made and the future was discussed. Anuj and Anupama, dressed in beautiful black outfits, cut the cake to welcome their new life together, and then had some serious relationship talk. While Anuj told Anupama how she’s always going to be ‘Anupama Joshi’ after the wedding, Anupama asked her man to always be honest with her and tell her if she’s been lacking anywhere in the relationship.

In the parallel story, Vanraj kept sulking while the kids kept discussing how Anuj has come as a big blessing in not just Anupama’s life but also in their own lives as well. This made Vanraj feel jealous and he couldn’t control his tears. He made a plan to talk to Anupama and Anuj about how he’s feeling neglected by his own kids and while the wedding can go on, he would never let his kids give his place in their lives to Anuj.

Later, Baa also plotted against Anupama and did not let her see Bapuji as she returned from her happy date with Anuj. As she moved towards Bapuji’s room, Baa stopped her and told her that he’s slept and she shouldn’t be bothering her about the little details of her date night. Bapuji, meanwhile, kept waiting for Anupama to see him before he sleeps and Baa told him that she hasn’t come back yet. The next day, which is the Mehendi and Sangeet day, Anupama meets Bapuji first thing in the morning and insists on serving him breakfast with her own hands. Bapuji, whose health seems to be seriously deteriorating every day, kept a strong face in front of his daughter and ate breakfast. He also suggested the best Mehendi design for her.

The #MaAn fans now can’t wait to see Anuj and Anupama performing together at their Sangeet function where singer Mika will also be performing. Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!