Sonu Nigam Breaks Silence on National Language Row: ‘Tumhaare Baaki Deshon Se Pange Kam Hain…’

Sonu Nigam on national language controversy: Singer Sonu Nigam weighed in on the ongoing language controversy at an event and mentioned that it’s futile to even treat this matter as a legit debate when there’s so much already happening in the country. The national-award-winning singer was speaking at an event on Tuesday when he said the country has a lot to deal with and we can’t let our own languages divide us.

The whole debate began when Ajay Devgn countered Kiccha Sudeeps statement on Twitter asking him why he goes on to dub his movies in Hindi if he doesn’t think Hindi is our national language. This divided the internet with many people siding with Ajay on how Hindi should be the national language of the country while others citing the constitution which doesn’t give any language the status of being the ‘national language.’

Sonu Sood on Ajay Devgn vs Kiccha Sudeep national language row:

Sonu though acknowledged that a debate is going on for years between people wanting Tamil and Sanskrit languages to be declared the national language of the country since these are the oldest languages. However, he maintained that the constitution of India should be respected and followed. “Nowhere in the constitution is it written that Hindi is our national language. It might be the most spoken language, but not the national language. In fact, Tamil is the oldest language. There is a debate between Sanskrit and Tamil. But, people say Tamil is the oldest language in the entire world,” he can be seen as saying in the viral video.

The popular playback singer added, “Abhi tumhaare baaki deshon se pange kam hain jo tum apne desh mein kar rahe ho? (Aren’t we facing enough issues with other countries that we are starting one within our own?)’ Why is this discussion even happening?”

Earlier, when Kangana Ranaut was asked to give her two cents on the debate, she claimed Sanskrit is the oldest language and therefore, it should be declared the national language of India. She spoke at the trailer launch of her upcoming movie and said, “If you ask me which language should be the national language, then I think it should be Sanskrit. Sanskrit is older than Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, or Hindi. All these languages have come from Sanskrit. Then why hasn’t Sanskrit become the national language and Hindi? I don’t have an answer to this. These are the decisions taken at that time (when the Constitution was written).”

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