Saisha Shinde Says She Was ‘Queen’ in Throuple With Boyfriend And Girlfriend | Lock Upp News

Saisha Shinde on her relationship in Lock Upp: Designer Saisha Shinde is making waves on social media with her startling revelation in the reality show Lock Upp these days. She has been opening her heart out about the struggles after coming out as a transgender woman in the media. She recently spoke about being sexually harassed by a fellow designer and how she was banned from fashion weeks later. Now, in the latest episode of the show, Saisha talked about her love life.

Speaking to Payal Rohatgi, she mentioned that she was once in a ‘throuple relationship’ where she had both a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Saisha said both of her partners loved her more than they loved each other and she had a good time. Saisha was quoted as saying, “I just remembered that I gave them five secrets and the last one was that I was in a throuple. I was in a relationship with a boyfriend and a girlfriend and I was the queen. They loved me more than they loved each other.”

Lock Upp latest gossip: Saisha Shinde on her past relationships

The designer added that she’s a bit insecure about herself now that she has transformed into Saisha from Swapnil Shinde. She said, “This was before I became Saisha. After becoming Saisha, I have not explored enough. There are so many insecurities – whether I can be in front of people without makeup. Without make-up, certain masculinity is still there.”

Saisha has often spoken about living in a dilemma as Swapnil when she would think of herself as a gay man and not a transgender person. She said she’s grateful for the show to help her get rid of certain insecurities because people now know her better. “Now, the whole world has seen me without make-up. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the things that this show has done for me.”

Saisha is one of the finalists this season. The others who are fighting for the trophy in the Kangana Ranaut-hosted show are Prince Narula, Payal Rohatgi, Shivam Sharma, Anjali Arora, Munawar Faruqui and Azma Fallah. Watch this space for all the latest news from Lock Upp!