Lock Upp: Anjali Arora Reveals She Attempted Suicide as a Teenager by Drinking Phenyl!

Lock Upp: Anjali Arora Attempted Suicide: Lock Upp hosted by actor Kangana Ranaut has gained immense popularity as the contestants often share their deep dark secrets with the audiences. Anjali Arora, one of the contestants known for her link-up with Stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui recently opened up about her past. Anjali confessed she once drank phenyl after her brother slapped her in front of everyone. Check out this viral clip from Lock Upp:

Anjali Attempted Suicide as a Teenager!

Anjali revealed that when she was in eleventh standard her over protective brother came to known that the she bunked her classes and consumed hookah in a café. The actor was slapped by her brother in front of the family and later her father also hit her. Anjali said, “Then I went to my room, locked the door and drank phenyl, after one hour my brother unlocked the door and took me to the hospital. My family realized their mistake.”

Kangana Says She Also Had Strict Brothers!

Host Kangana told Anjali it is not right to dominate like this. She stated, “Suicide is a very big step. There are phases in life, where everyone thinks one has to die, but aisa nahi hota Anjali (doesn’t happen like this Anjali).” To which Anjali responded, “I don’t want to send out the wrong message to anyone, I just shared my experience.” Earlier Lock Upp contestant Saisha Shinde had also revealed that she had a physical relationship with a leading fashion designer in the past.

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