Anupamaa Written Update, May 3: #MaAn Fans go Gaga Over Anuj-Anupama’s College Date Romance

Anupamaa Written Update, May 3: Anupamaa The latest episode of Anupamaa has impressed the fans with its Shaadi scenes. The #MaAn fans are happy to see Anuj Kapadia setting husband goals every day. After the engagement, he decided to take Anupama on a date the way he had always imagined from their college days.

Anupama, dressed in a bright red anarkali suit, goes on a bike ride with Anuj while her nemesis keeps sulking behind. The two go to their college where Anupama simply goes back to her young days and tries to channelise her inner young girl who had left all her dreams right there when she got married to Vanraj.

Here’s how the #MaAn fans are reacting to Anuj-Anupama’s college date:

Meanwhile, seems like Kavya has changed her side once again. She joined the family members when they decided to have a group stay to honour the ‘shaadi vala ghar.’ Kavya tells Samar, Kinjal, Pakhi, Dolly and Devika that she would like to join all of them and play the games together as it happens in the family where a wedding is taking place.

The fans are excited to see how Anupama and Anuj will be increasing their proximity and setting more couples as they slowly gear up for their big #MaAn wedding. Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!