Click Shankar: A Movie on Rare Health Condition Called Hyperthymesia by Junglee Pictures

Click Shankar: Junglee Pictures, known for its illustrious filmography, has revealed its new high-concept thriller, ‘Click Shankar.’ Shankar Rebeiro is a cop who never forgets a sight, sound, taste, smell, or feeling. The film is synonymous with a camera click for his far more than photographic memory recall. Unravelling the mystery will be a one-of-a-kind lead character – a witty yet troubled inspector who remembers everything, that is both a boon and curse for him.

Click Shankar: Movie about hyperthymesia

Shankar Rebeiro suffers from an uncommon illness known as Hyperthymesia, which allows him to recall every detail of his life (in contrast to the popular character from Ghajini), guaranteeing that the past is never truly forgotten. This character-driven theme is a great blend of action, humour, and heart, following Shankar’s journey over a roller coaster of emotions and exciting twists and turns. A strong female lead will accompany the protagonist to match his keen charisma and provide an element of mystery to the story.

Junglee Pictures has once again put together an exciting team for Click Shankar. The film is to be helmed by acclaimed director Balaji Mohan, who brings in his unique comic sensibility. The story and screenplay are written by Binky Mendez alongside Balaji Mohan, and dialogues are by Sumit Arora and Suraj Gianani.

What is hyperthymesia?

Hyperthymesia (also known as very superior autobiographical memory, or HSAM) is a condition in which people can recall events from their life in extraordinary detail. People with hyperthymesia appear to have a unique ability to recall experiences from their own life. People with hyperthymesia often find it difficult to answer questions regarding historic events that occurred before they were born or recollections from earlier in their lives, as per BBC.

What do the makers of Click Shankar have to say?

Director Balaji Mohan shares, “This film needed a unique vision for its treatment with the protagonist being an original, one-of-a-kind character. An amalgamation of something deep, dark & edgy being wrapped with humour to keep the audience guessing and at the edge of their seats till the end. These synergies wouldn’t have matched better with anyone other than the Junglee Pictures team and developing this project with them has been a superb experience. I found this to be the perfect film to make my debut in Hindi cinema with, and we cannot wait to present all that is in the making.”

Junglee Pictures CEO, Amrita Pandey shares, “The concept of Click Shankar originated from within the Junglee Pictures’ creative team as a character-driven franchise. Binky’s distinctive writing expertise on the story and screenplay along with Balaji’s mastery of commercial sensibilities and well-defined mass appeal has enhanced the narrative of this film. Sumit & Suraj have taken it to the next level with the sharp and entertaining dialogues. More importantly, there is heart to this thriller genre, making it an exciting opportunity to create something unique.”

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