Anupamaa Fame Madalsa Sharma Reveals Who Is The Real Villain – Kavya or Vanraj? | Exclusive

Mumbai: Anupamaa is one of the most popular television shows which has also been ruling the TRP charts for months now. The show revolves around Anupama – whose husband Vanraj cheats on her to marry Kavya. While Kavya is always portrayed as a villain in the show, we asked Madalsa Sharma (who played the role of Kavya) about who she thinks is the actual villain in the show – Kavya or Vanraj.

In an exclusive conversation with, Madalsa Sharma talked about how nobody is actually a real villain but it is only the circumstances that make people react in a certain way. The actor further added that both, Kavya and Anupama are the victims of their counterparts.

“In real life, nobody is a villain. It is the circumstances in a person’s life that make him react at a given time. Vanraj in one episode explains this. How he was forced into an unmatched wedding. And how he fed the whole family unselfishly. The same applies to Kavya. Actually even in our so-called progressive society women can’t make their own decision. So mostly we end up becoming victims of our counterparts. So is Kavya and so is Anupama. In Anupama we are trying to understand this relationship and find some solution,” Madalsa Sharma told exclusively.


Apart from this, Madalsa Sharma was also asked if her relationship with the Shah family will change in the coming days. To this, the actor said that a ‘new Kavya’ will emerge in the coming days. “I am too made to believe that a new Kavya is going to emerge. And I am sure Kavya will bring a big new twist into the story,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kavya is currently missing from the plot. She left the Shah residence in a recent episode saying she needed a ‘break’.