Anupamaa Big Update: Vanraj Says ‘Malvika is Mukku For Me’; Now Anupama Wards Off Evil Eye For Anuj 

Anupamaa latest episode, January 21, 2022: The latest episode is full of celebrations, happy moments for the Kapadias and the Shahs as the family gears up to celebrate Makar Sankranti. Anupama insists Malvika aka Mukku to wear a saree and she helps her in draping one. Mukku remembers her wedding day when she had problem tying a saree. To encourage Mukku, Anupama wears sneakers and they both do Sneaker cheers. Malvika teases Anupama by calling them Bhabhi –nanad Jodi (sister-in-law).

Anupama gets ready and Anuj helps her in making her wear necklace in which she looks pretty. As soon as Anuj gets busy with a phone call, Anupama looks in mirror, takes out Rs 200 note from the box and wards off evil eye for him. Anupama has started liking Anuj, but the makers are taking it slow. Maybe Anuj and Anupama confess in reality on Valentine’s Day.

Nazar Na Lage…

Anupama exposes Pakhi’s truth

Meanwhile, Pakhi talks to Vanraj about going abroad for further studies. Once Anupama comes home, she finds Pakhi dancing and asks her for the reason. Pakhi tells her that Vanraj has agreed to send her to the US. But Anupama tells them that she won’t allow her to go and asks Vanraj how he can decide on something without even consulting her. Later, Anupama tells Vanraj infront of everyone that Pakhi is not going to the US for her studies but to enjoy her life with her friends. Anupama tells her that if Pakhi can tell them her goal in life, she will let her go. Pakhi had no answer to that.

Anupama -Anuj vs Vanraj- Malvika

Anupama asks Vanraj to stay away from Malvika. But Vanraj says she has become Malvika to Mukku for him. In the coming episode, Anupama shouts at Vanraj that don’t call her Mukku but he doesn’t listen. In fact, in a game, he chooses Mukku has his partner. Anuj chooses Anupama.

Vanraj says she has become Malvika to Mukku for him.

Vanraj says she has become Malvika to Mukku for him.

Watch this space for more updates on Anupamaa.