Umar Riaz’ Explosive Statement Against Bigg Boss 15 Team: They Want to Promote Tejasswi Prakash

Umar Riaz on Tejasswi Prakash’s game: Bigg Boss 15 actor Umar Riaz has been speaking a lot about his eviction from the show and how it was unfair. He has also been speaking about his equation with Karan Kundrra and his girlfriend, Tejasswi Prakash, who didn’t really gel well with him in the house. In his latest interview with a daily, Umar said the makers have been biased in shielding Tejasswi in front of the audience. He said even when Tejasswi behaved aggressively and showed her follies, the audience couldn’t see her faltering.

Umar Riaz exposes Bigg Boss 15 team after the eviction

Speaking to ETimes, Umar said Tejasswi has even abused her lately but the makers always wanted to show her in a positive light. He said the makers want to ‘promote’ Tejasswi and that’s the reason her other side is not being shown to the audience. Umar was quoted as saying, “Tejasswi has gone wrong in the show so many times. She is so camera conscious that she will never accept her fault and will argue over it. She will try to prove she’s always right. I never appreciated this attitude and I always exposed it. I think the makers did not like that I was exposing her because they wanted to promote her. I don’t know why and what are their reasons. But they did not like it that I was revealing her real side.”

Bigg Boss 15 contestant Umar Riaz on Tejasswi Prakash’s game: They want to highlight her made-up image

Umar, who is a surgeon by profession, said his profession was constantly targeted in the show, so much so that he started feeling demoralised and thinking of moving to Dubai to continue his practice. Reiterating that only his follies were exaggerated while Tejasswi, too, behaved aggressively, he said, “When I came out I learnt even she would say many things about me, and recently she even abused me. None of her comments was highlighted ever because they wanted her to be seen in a good light. ‘Tejasswi joh hai Woh Rishtey banati hai, Woh Kabhi jhooth nahi bolti.’ It looks very clear that they are trying to highlight a made-up image of Tejasswi Prakash which she is not in real life.”

He added that Tejasswi was rude to everyone in the house but none of that got highlighted during the episodes. Umar was evicted in the Weekend Ka Vaar after he pushed Pratik Sehajpal during an argument. While he was evicted as per the least votes policy, he refuses to believe that his fans didn’t vote for him to save him from elimination that week. What do you think? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 15!