Singer Shaan’s Mother Sonali Mukherjee Passes Away, Kailash Kher Offers Condolences

Mumbai: Singer Shaan’s mother, Sonali Mukerjee, passed away on Thursday. The news was confirmed by singer Kailash Kher in a tweet in which he prayed for the entire family and wished them more strength in these grieving times. Kher took to social media on Thursday to make a tweet in Hindi offering condolences to Shaan and his entire family.

His tweet read, “बड़े भाई शान @singer_shaan
की माँ का देहावसान हो गया॥ परमेश्वर से दिवंगत आत्मा की सद्गति की प्रार्थनाएँ॥ तीनों लोक के अधिपति भगवान शिव से प्रार्थना है की हमारे शान भैया के परिवार को ये दुःख सहन करने की शक्ति मिले॥ अनन्त प्रार्थना ॐ (Shaan’s mother has passed away. I pray for the salvation of the departed soul. I pray to Lord Shiva to provide strength to my brother Shaan’s family to bear this great loss. Eternal prayers (sic).”

Shaan, who’s one of the leading playback singers in the country, has often talked about his mother’s hardwork and perseverance with which she held the entire family after his father passed away in 1986. In an interview with Hindustan Times, the popular singer had revealed that he was brought up by a single mother who used to work as a chorus singer in the industry and later decided to quit her profession fearing to not cause any embarrassment for her son who had become a known voice by then.

He was once quoted as saying, “She always had a smile on her face. She encouraged me and Sagarika to do whatever we wanted to do. She never forced her will on us. Anu ji (Anu Malik) fondly remembers that in 2000, when I had just got a bit of a foothold as a singer, my mom told the leading composers at that time that she wanted to stop singing the chorus, lest I would get embarrassed if we had to sing in the same studio. Far from embarrassing me, I’ve always been proud to be her son.”

We pray for Shaan’s family. May his mother rest in peace!