COVID+ Lata Mangeshkar to Remain at Hospital For 10-12 Days, Says Doctor in Official Statement

Lata Mangeshkar Latest Health Update: Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar is currently battling COVID-19 at Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital. An official statement from the doctor who’s treating her revealed that she will be kept at the hospital for the next 10-12 days to ensure a full recovery. Dr Pratit Samdhani, who is treating the veteran singer at the hospital, confirmed in a statement that she is fighting both COVID and pneumonia and is admitted to the ICU.

News agency ANI quoted the doctor as saying, “Singer Lata Mangeshkar continues to be in the ICU ward. She will be under observation for 10-12 days. Along with Covid, she is also suffering from pneumonia (sic).” The singer will continue to remain under observation for almost the entire month.

Earlier, in an interview with ETimes, Lata’s sister Usha Mangeshkar expressed disappointment over not being able to meet her at the hospital. She said the doctors have decided to keep Lata at the hospital for a few extra days because of her age. “We cannot go to see Didi as it is a COVID case. There are sufficient doctors and nurses there, though. The doctors have said that they would keep her for an extra day or two because of her age,” she said.

Lata Mangeshkar was hospitalised on Tuesday after getting diagnosed with COVID. She was later found to have got pneumonia patches on her lungs. Her family has been by her side and her niece, Rachna Shah, mentioned that she’s fighting the disease like a winner. “Didi is absolutely stable and is alert. God has been really kind. She is a fighter and a winner and that is how we have known her for so many years,” she told News18.

We wish the veteran singer a speedy recovery!