WHAT! BTS V Aka Kim Taehyung’s Rs 11,000 Bag Now Costs Over Rs 9.5 Lakhs | Here’s Why

South Korea: The artist made merchandise collection by BTS has created a massive storm on social media. ARMY members across the world are not just super excited but are fighting hard to buy their favourite singer’s merch. However, there is one item from this BTS collection that is in very high demand. V aka Kim Taehyung recently launched a Mute Boston Bag as a part of this artist made collection. The bag was initially priced at $153.28 which is Rs 11,334 approximately. While the bag was sold out within minutes, ARMY members noticed that the same bag was later available on eBay. Soon after, several fans started bidding on the singer’s bag. With over 80 bids in a short period of time, the bag’s price crossed $12,900 which is over Rs 9.5 lakh.


This left fans furious who reported the same and argued that buying BTS products on sites, other than Weverse is not supporting the K-pop singers. “HYBE needs to crack down on resellers. 😤 People are buying on Weverse just to jack up the price on eBay or mercari! There are Mute bags already listed for $1k+! This is seriously messed up!” one of the fans Tweeted. The sale was soon taken down.

For the unversed, Kim Taehyung’s self-designed bag was released on January 8. It is a sleek leather Boston bag in a mute colour. The bag is in very high demand across the world and is already sold out in several countries including Japan.

Meanwhile, BTS members are currently on a short break and are at their homes in South Korea. On the work front, the K-pop singers are due to hold a mega concert in Seoul in March 2022. It is titled ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’.