Salman Khan Cries as Bigg Boss 15 Gets Extension of Two Weeks- Watch Promo

Bigg Boss 15 News: There were rumours doing rounds on the internet whether Bigg Boss season 15 will get extended or not. However, resting all the reports aside, host of the show Salman Khan confirmed that Bigg Boss 15 is extending for two weeks in the latest promo. Bigg Boss 15 has become one of the successful seasons of the show, and its popularity is just the proof on social media websites. From breaking records on Twitter to creating a lot of storm amid netizens, the show does come in the list of Top 10 TV shows.

Bigg Boss 15 makers surprised contestants by extending it for two more weeks. In a recent promo posted on Instagram for the upcoming episode of the show, host Salman Khan tells the housemates that the show is being extended. Rakhi jumps as she gets to know and Salman cries as he has to suffer the non-stop drama. The 10-second promo opens with the voice of Bigg Boss telling the contestants that “the battle to win Ticket to finale has not ended”. Salman then speaks to the contestants saying, “There is some good news. This show is being extended by two weeks.”

Watch the promo here:


Now, it is time for BB fans to rejoice again as Salman Khan’s show is all set to receive another big extension.