Kashmera Shah Jokes About Krushna’s Fight With Govinda-Sunita in Front of Salman Khan: Mujhe Mana Karke Khud Jhagda Kia

Bigg Boss 15: On Weekend Ka Vaar episode, actor Kashmera Shah along with Divya Agarwal, Vishal Singh and Rahul Mahajan were invited to support contestants inside the house. These guests also confronted and questioned inmates. When Kashmera was busy bashing Karan Kundrra, Salman Khan interrupted and said, “Krushna, Krushna! I salute you brother.” That made everyone laugh. Reacting to this, Kashmera told Salman, “Sir! Are you talking about Krushna? Now that you have named him, let me tell you something. When I went inside the Bigg Boss house in the last season of the show, he bid me farewell saying ‘Kash, you are going inside the house, please make sure that you do not fight with anyone there. It is about our respect and fame, the respect of our family.’ I did not fight with anyone. I did nothing in there, I admit it.”

Kashmera Shah further said he is the one who fought with his mama –mami (Govinda and Sunita) not I. She added, “Bahar sabse jhagda kar ke khud baitha tha (Here he was sitting, after fighting with everyone outside). What is this sir? Khud jhagda kiya, is se, us se…maama se, maami se (He fought with one and all, including his uncle and aunt)..all of them. And, he asked me not to fight? I am not going to listen to him anymore, sir.”

While ending the conversation, Kashmera then gave a piece of advice to Tejasswi. “Tejasswi don’t fall in love. Don’t lose your game in it. Look at me and Krushna, do not fall in love. Everyone else is encouraging the wrong things. Do not heed to their advice”, Shah concluded.