Kapil Sharma’s Wife Ginni on Marrying Him: ‘Socha Gareeb Ka Bhala Kardu’ – Watch Video

Mumbai: The trailer of Netflix’s stand up comedy show I’m Not Done Yet featuring star comedian and TV host Kapil Sharma is out. With the trailer, Kapil will be seen talking about his desire to keep reinventing himself, pushing his creative genius and openly admitting that he is actually not done yet. With this, Kapil’s wife Ginni also roasts him and shares with the world that she married him because ‘Gareeb ka bhala karna chahti thi (Was feeling pity on poor).’

In the show, Kapil Sharma opens up about his family, his social media missteps and his love for music and theatre, all while he entertains us. Kapil mentions in the trailer, “I feel I’m not done yet, these words go really well with my life. Abhi kay liye itna hi, par picture… sorry, special abhi baki hai mere dost (That’s it for now, the special is yet to come my friend) as Kapil brings his raw charm and his unfiltered, true self to fans like never before. Bhulna matt (Don’t forget), January 28 – only on Netflix.”

Kapil Sharma confronted PM Narendra Modi about his controversial tweet and how OB vehicles gathered outside his house the next morning. “I believed they were fire department vans,” he explained. He inquired his cook as to whether or not there had been a fire. “You started one on Twitter!” his cook replied. “Not all the tweets were mine, some were from Jack Daniel, You can’t ‘black label,’ I mean blacklist,’ some artists based on that,” Kapil added.

Watch the trailer of Netflix’s I’m Not Done Yet here:

The stand-up special is produced by Banijay Asia and BeingU Studios.