Tirthanand Rao, Nana Patekar’s Lookalike And Kapil Sharma’s Colleague Attempts Suicide: ‘Yes, I Consumed Poison’

Mumbai: Actor and comedian Tirthanand Rao attempted suicide by eating poison, he said in a statement to a news channel. The actor is known to mimic Nana Patekar, and has worked with comedian Kapil Sharma in the past, however, he mentioned that he decided to end his life due to financial issues and having nobody to be with during these tough times of COVID. Speaking to Aaj Tak, Rao said he feels alone and none of his family members cares to speak to him which is the reason he attempted suicide by taking poison.

The actor’s neighbours found him and took him to the hospital where he was treated for four days before getting discharged. In his official statement to the news channel after coming out of the hospital, Rao said, “Yes, I consumed poison. I am facing financial problems and my family has also left me. When I was admitted to the hospital, my mother and brother did not even reach to see me. Live in the same complex, but family members do not even talk to me. Even after coming from the hospital, I am staying alone at home. What could be worse than this?”

The actor added that he has a daughter but he has lost contact with her. Tirthanand Rao is currently in search of work and has been living alone in Mumbai. He also revealed that back in 2016, he was offered a job by Kapil Sharma but he couldn’t pursue the character role on his show because he was working in a Gujarati role then. The actor has been active in the industry for over 15 years and is majorly known as Nana Patekar’s lookalike.