BTS: ‘Jungkook Gay’ Trends on Twitter as Netizens Debate Over K-Pop Singer Liking New Playlist

South Korea: BTS boys – Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, RM, V and Suga are widely popular K-pop singers. However, it is unfortunate that despite their work and music, the members have to face several questions regarding their sexuality. Once again, group member Jungkook is facing criticism on social media after he liked a Spotify playlist which some people feel ‘confirms’ that the singer is homosexual. While one of the playlists was titled ‘GENDER ,$2&:!!’, another had the feature image of fictional gay couple Marceline and Bubblegum.

Several people took to Twitter and alleged that Jungkook is gay. “These playlists are so gay, in conclusion, Jungkook gay,” one of the social media users wrote. Another Tweet read, “Jungkook gay he is so fu**ing gay he kisses boys n he daydreams about going on cute dates n holding hands cuddling with them. In June if you see him at pride holding the biggest fu**ing rainbow flag u’hv ever seen that’s bc he’s gay Jungkook gay. He’s so fu**ing gay.”

‘Jungkook Gay’ Trends On Twitter:

However, ARMY members also came forward in defence of Jungkook and questioned people for being homophobic. Fans also mentioned that BTS is famous because of their music and that’s all that matters.

This is not the first time that BTS members are being questioned about their sexuality. Last year, a printer in Russia turned away work celebrating BTS and had reportedly said that they had enough “normal” clients and didn’t want to help turn children into “perverts.”

It’s time we celebrate BTS for their work and stop being homophobic!