Anupamaa Big Twist: Is Malvika a Domestic Violence Survivor? Makers to Explore New Social Issue

Anupamaa Big Twist: The latest episode of Anupamaa was more about Malvika and her past than the lovey-dovey moments between Anuj Kapadia and Anupama. The episode hinted at the makers exploring the issue of domestic violence in the upcoming storyline. After Anupama convinces Mukku to celebrate New Year with the entire Shah family, they all dress up and get ready to leave for the Shah house. However, as they step out, they see a drunk man running after his wife to beat her up, and that triggers Malvika’s anxiety. So much so that she starts shivering and breaks down there itself.

Anuj then picks Malvika up while a shocked Anupama keeps wondering about her severe anxiety problems. As shown in the new promo of the next episode, the duo discovers that Malvika is taking antidepressants and is behaving extremely scared after the incident. This makes both Anuj and Anupama feel shaken too. Anuj then reveals the big detail from Malvika’s past to Anupama. While what exactly triggers Mukku’s anxiety is yet to be revealed in the show, it appears that the writers have decided to take up yet another social issue for our audience.

In other news from the show, Anuj continues to flirt with Anupama. He presents her a flower this time while she keeps it safely in her bag and keeps looking on. The #MaAn fans are still waiting for a big super romantic sequence between Anuj and Anupama in a New Year special episode. Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!