Sudhanshu Pandey Breaks Silence on Ego Clashes With Gaurav Khanna on Anupamaa: Vanraj Shah Will Remain The Hero of Show

Anupamaa: Many reports had suggested in the past that actors Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna don’t really gel well on the sets of Anupamaa. As seen in the story as well, both Vanraj and Anuj Kapadia don’t see eye to eye and try not to cross each other’s paths. After a lot of speculations around him being insecure about having Gaurav as the new entry in the show, Sudhanshu, who plays the role of Vanraj Shah, finally spoke out. In his latest interview with a daily, the actor talked about ‘being the hero’ of the show and how nothing else can change that.

Sudhanshu was away from the show for sometime in between as he had gone to shoot for some other projects followed by a quick holiday with his family in Dubai. When asked to comment on the news of ego clash between him and Gaurav on the sets, Sudhanshu said the fans should understand that there are many new faces who join the cast and leave because it’s a daily soap and one just can’t go on with the old faces in the storyline. He said, “Firstly, people need to understand, that you can’t keep running the show with just one storyline. Earlier too, Apurva Agnihotri was roped in the show for some time. It is a daily soap which, if it needs to run for years, can’t be showing the same faces on a daily basis.”

The actor added that he has done a lot of work in the industry and has learned to not let his ego come in the way of his work. “As far as having insecurity is concerned, I have been in the industry for long enough and have done enough work that insecurity kind of emotion doesn’t figure in my scheme of things at all! Not many know that Rajan (Shahi), who is an old friend of mine, came to me with the show even before he had finalized it with the channel. He even went to an extent that only if I said yes, will he make the show. So all this means a lot,” he said.

Sudhanshu spoke about being the ‘hero’ of the show. He said, “There is no question of me quitting Anupamaa. I had gone for a holiday with my family after a year and a half to Dubai. After that, I had gone for a day and a half to Ganaganagr in Rajasthan to shoot for an OTT project. With me missing from the show and then taking a vacation and then shooting another project, which I had to, people presumed that I have quit. It spread like wildfire. My character Vanraj Shah was the hero of the show and will remain the hero.”

Sudhanshu’s character, Vanraj Shah, has been shown as the selfish, sexist, and arrogant man who would not respect a woman’s individuality and would feel jealous if a woman is flying higher than him in life and at work. While Anuj Kapadia is completely the opposite of Vanraj – a kind-hearted, feminist man. What are your thoughts on Sudhanshu’s statements? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!