Raveena Tandon Remembers Being Linked to Her Own Brother By Gossip Magazine: ‘I Would Cry Myself to Sleep’

Mumbai: Realising your full potential and challenging your craft as an actor is a long journey in the film industry, and not many decide to take that difficult route. For actor Raveena Tandon, this has been the only way in moving forward in life and in her career. The actor recently opened up on the roadblocks and nastiness she had faced while trying to make a name of her own in the industry away from the conventional roles and films. In her latest interview with an entertainment portal, Raveena talked about being written off, or worst, being linked with her own brother and fearing a dreadful month where she would again be used as a gossip subject in the magazines.

Raveena debuted in Bollywood with her 1991 action film, Patthar Ke Phool. The actor never looked back after her films – Mohra, Dilwale, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, Shool, Pardesi Babu, and Aunty No. 1 among others – became successful. She also made her digital debut with the Netflix series Aranyk in which she played the role of a Pahadi cop. The actor, however, recalls the time when she would cry herself to sleep. Speaking to The Film Companion, she said, “I remember many, many sleepless nights that I would cry myself to sleep and I would dread every month, another yellow, gossipy tabloid completely ripping me, my credibility, my reputation, my parents into shreds and I would wonder, ‘What is it all about?’.”

The actor added that even when she used to confront these gossip mongers, she would be told to take this ‘with a pinch of salt.’ Raveena said, “They linked me with my own brother and Stardust wrote about that as well. ‘There is a handsome, fair boy who comes to drop Raveena Tandon, we have discovered Raveena Tandon’s boyfriend’. We have lived through that. Who would clarify and how much would you? You were at the mercy of those journalists and editors. Even if you would say ‘hello?’, they would say, ‘yeah, okay, take it with a pinch of salt’.”

It was difficult for a woman in the ’90s to establish her individual identity in the films. It was the time where stories were still being written for the ‘heroes’ and the ‘heroines’ were just there for glamour. Things have changed for the better today and Raveena has decided to explore these changes. Have you watched her performance in Aranyk though?