Bigg Boss 15: From Red Chillies To Tabasco Sauce, Nishant Bhat Win Hearts As Netizens Calls Him Taskmaster

Bigg Boss 15: Things got heated up in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 when the candidate’s poor performance resulted in the task’s cancellation. Bigg Boss introduced a new assignment in which several celebrities, including Surbhi Chandana, Akansha Puri, MunMun Dutta, and Vishal Singh challenged the contestants to show their worth by presenting them with a variety of obstacles. In the midst of this, the promo included Nishant Bhat, who was shown puking as the guests became brutal towards him. He was forced to eat a number of chillies while being smothered in chilli sauce.

Take a look at the promo:

Bigg Boss challengers encouraged fellow inmates to eat eggshells, tabasco sauce, and green chilies combined to win a ‘Ticket to Finale’ assignment. And not just one chilly, or a smidgeon of eggshells, or a small spoon of tabasco. They were given a bundle of chillies, four complete eggshells, an entire bottle of tabasco sauce, and one onion with the skin on to eat.

Nishant was praised by the netizens since he was spotted in difficulties but refused to give up. To show their support for the ace choreographer, his supporters used the hashtag STAY STRONG NISHANT. Several tweets have gone viral for the housemate.

One of the users wrote. ” NISHANT STRONGEST BHAT Flexed biceps @TheNishantBhat You accepted all the tasks and did them with all your passion! #NishantSquad is so proud of you Nishu! You are definitely making it to top 5 and seeing your journey video (sic)! While another tweet read, “what an amazing performance #NishantBhat No matter if you have won the task or not but you have definitely won many hearts! His spirits , his junnon , his dedication for the show, was just bang on! we #NishantSquad highly appreciate him! @TheNishantBhat TASKMASTER NISHANT (sic).”

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