Katrina Kaif-Vicky Kaushal Wedding: Numerologist Speaks on How Staying Low-Key Will Bring More Luck in Their Marriage

Vicky and Katrina Wedding prediction: Katrina Kaif is a British actor who now works and has made her place in Hindi cinema. Vicky Kaushal is an Indian actor who won a National Film Award and a Filmfare Award. The two are reportedly going to have a star-studded wedding in Rajasthan on December 9. While we do not know if these are just rumours or this wedding is happening, here is a numerological prediction for their married life.

Katrina Kaif-Vicky Kaushal wedding: Marriage Compatibility

The marriage compatibility in numerology depends on two variants: The date of birth and the name of both the people. We have considered 15+ numerology parameters to assess their marriage compatibility and life ahead. A few of those parameters are elaborated below:

  • Birth Order: Katrina is the middle child, while Vicky is the firstborn in his family. Firstborns prove to be jigsaw puzzle-like pairs with mid-borns. They complement each other, and their associations last longer. The duo is likely to give enough mental and emotional support to each other. According to their birth order, Katrina and Vicky is an excellent match.
  • Based on Day of Birth: Katrina was born on July 16, 1983, which was Saturday ruled by Number 8 (Saturn), and Vicky was born on May 16, 1988, which was Monday ruled by Number 2 (Moon). 2 ruled by Moon and 8 ruled by Saturn are not supportive. However, both being in the same concord as per zero numerology makes them an ideal pair for marriage. Their emotions and strong business sense make them low-key and help them achieve their desires and wishes through hard work. This parameter gives them a good score as a couple.
  • Based on Birth Number: Katrina is number 7 in the period of Cancer (ruled by Moon), while on the other hand, Vicky is birth number 7 in the period of Taurus (ruled by Venus). Appearing to be the same, both Number 7s (ruled by Ketu) vary by being in the different star period. Both birth numbers are in the same concord as well as their star periods are also supportive to each other. Hence, this parameter also makes them a cupid couple. The couple is likely to support each other in odd times and win over given situations together.
  • Based on Zodiac Signs: Katrina Kaif is a Cancerian (July 16) – a water element, and Vicky is a Taurian – an earth element. Both water and earth elements prove to be complementary to each other. Their zodiac signs make this couple great for marriage.

Katrina Kaif-Vicky Kaushal wedding update: Numerological Prediction as per Elemental Balance of Name

The elements and sounds present in their name are also compatible.

In addition to these above-elaborated parameters, I have considered other parameters such as Destiny number, Nakshatra Numbers, First Letter of Name, Element of the first letter of the name, First name number, Name numbers, elemental compatibility of name, alphabet -alphabet compatibility of name, running age and ongoing Dasha of current times, to reach to a conclusion. Their marriage is preferable.

Conclusion: Based on a comprehensive assessment of around 15+ numerology parameters and face reading; I conclude they are a good match and need to stay away from rumours and third person. They will prefer to keep their personal life away from the limelight of media and will not appreciate much paparazzi.

Vicky Kaushal-Katrina Kaif’s wedding and their Post marriage life: This marriage will prove to be very lucky for the duo.

Vicky’s life post marriage: 2022 and 2023 will prove to be extremely lucky for his career, and he will set new records in this duration. His work will get both recognition, public fame, and money.

Katrina’s life post marriage: Katrina will become picky and do fewer films. After getting married, she would focus more on her personal life and pursue another career opportunity – film production or a business. She will grow her business of beauty products, and it will garner more revenues. 2023 will prove to be a lucky year for her.

The numbers suggest an excellent married life ahead together as well as both growing by leaps and bounds professionally over years to come. I wish them all the best for their future together