BTS Boys Be Exempted From Military Service? South Korea’s National Assembly Discusses Law

South Korea: BTS‘ future has always been a big concern for ARMY members across the world. This is because all Korean men between the age of 18 and 28 are required to serve in the country’s military for about 20 months. While BTS members are no different, they were earlier given an extension for the same. However, it seems like the South Korean government is now unable to decide whether to give exemption to the famous K-pop group or not. Reportedly, South Korea’s National Assembly is divided over possibly exempting the BTS from mandatory military service.

In this regard, on Thursday, lawmakers discussed a bill in the assembly that would allow prominent celebrities of the country including BTS to substitute their mandatory military service for other public services. However, the lawmakers failed to draw any conclusion. If reports are to be believed, this law is called BTS Law.

“Regarding the revision bill, the defense ministry cannot help but consider situational variables. The one that we face at this very moment is the situation caused by the shrinking population. Secondly, there is also a need for social consensus. In other words, this is about a fair military service,” said Boo Seung-chan, the spokesperson for Korea’s defense ministry.

If this law is passed in South Korea’s National Assembly, BTS members will be allowed to continue their work as K-pop idols for 34 months instead of serving military services during that time.

Meanwhile, BTS member Jin will turn 30 next year. Apart from Jin, BTS member Suga is also 28 years old, while J-Hope is 27. RM is 26 years old whereas V and Jimin are 25 years old. Jungkook is the youngest in the band at 23 years old.