Swara Bhasker to be a Mother Soon, Says ‘Can’t Wait to Become a Parent’

Mumbai: Actor Swara Bhasker has revealed that she has applied for adoption with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) and she’s currently on the waiting list. The actor spoke to Mid-Day in her latest interview and expressed her desire to start a family and have kids.

Swara recently celebrated Diwali with girls at an orphanage in Delhi and decided to become a parent. She said it wasn’t a random decision but she has fully prepared herself to adopt a child. Swara mentioned that she has read up extensively about adoption, the process in India and has also met many couples who have adopted a child. The actor met a few kids who have been adopted and are almost adults today. She spoke to the daily about her decision and said:

I’ve always wanted a family and children. I realised that adoption was a way to marry these things. Luckily in India, the State allows single women to adopt. I met many couples who have adopted children, met some children who were adopted and are now almost adults. I read up on the process and experience.

The actor went on to explain how after doing her own research, she ran the idea through her parents who were absolutely supportive of her decision. “I am now a prospective adoptive parent on CARA. I know the waiting period is long, often as long as three years, but I can’t wait to be a parent to a child through adoption,” she said.

The actor recently won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role award for her performance in the short film Sheer Qorma. The film which is directed by Faraz Arif Ansari also features Divya Dutta opposite Swara and it was screened at the Soho London Independent Film Festival recently.