Anupama Starts Falling For Anuj Kapadia But Baa’s Drama Leads Her Back to The Shah Family

Anupamaa big twist: So the day is finally here when the fans can rejoice seeing Anupama falling for her ‘acha dost’ Anuj Kapadia. In the Wednesday episode that the fans were eagerly waiting to see, it was shown that Anupama just couldn’t stop gazing at Anuj, hinting at the beginning of a new relationship in the New Year. After Bapuji asks her to prioritise her own happiness above everybody else and reciprocates Anuj’s love for her, Anupama starts thinking of the change and how would it appear if she and Anuj are together as a couple. While this definitely put a smile on the fans’ faces, another dramatic angle seems to have made Anupama stick to the Shah family.

The woman had just left the Shah family to make her own independent life away from the everyday insults, however, it appears that a twist in the story would make her change her decision again and she would shift with the toxic Shah family. In the last episode, we saw that Kavya made all the stakeholders sign the papers of the house and tricked them into making her the sole owner of the Shah house. This eventually hurt everybody, especially Baa and Vanraj, who are now so disappointed with Kavya that they are leaning towards getting Anupama back into the family.

While Anuj is standing with Anupama in all her decisions and is silently supporting her, he is still unaware of the change of heart that Anupama has started experiencing for him. After Bapuji’s long piece of advice for Anupama, it would be interesting to see how she begins to fall for Anuj a little more every day. Until then, the fans must pray that her comeback into the Shah family doesn’t lead to Vanraj’s comeback in her life. Otherwise, it would all boil down to nothing and the entire narrative around Anupama’s independence as a single woman in her 40s would be destroyed. Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!