Salman Khan Says ’50 Plus me Mehnat Kar Rahe Hain’ When Asked About Last Generation of Superstars

Mumbai: Actor Salman Khan‘s fans might think that it’s almost impossible to achieve the level of stardom that he has seen in his lifetime but the superstar thinks otherwise. In his latest media interaction, he mentioned that people will always come and go in the industry and the era of stars will never fade away. While speaking during a group interview for his upcoming film Antim: The Final Truth, Salman said he has been hearing about reports saying this is the last generation of fans but he doesn’t believe in this hypothesis.

“We will go, somebody else will come up. I don’t think that era of stars will go. It will never go. It will always be there. It now depends on a lot of things, selection of movies, what you are in real life, and more. It’s a whole package of things. This younger generation will have their superstardom,” he said.

The actor, who continues to remain one of the biggest stars of Indian cinema in his 50s, added that the only that’s going to change is the level of hardwork that the younger generation will have to show to achieve the stardom that we are talking about. Salman said he and other actors like him are still putting equal or more efforts to sustain their stardom in their 50s so it becomes all the more important for the actors from the younger generation to work harder than ever.

“I have been hearing this for the last four generations, ‘ki yeh last generation hain (this is the last generation of stars).’ We will not leave it for the younger generation to take it easy. We will not hand it over to them. ‘Mehnat karo bhai, pachas plus me mehnat kar hi rahe hain, toh aap bhi mehnat karo (work hard, we are working hard at the age of 50, you should also work hard),” he explained.

Salman has been working non-stop in the film industry for over 30 years now. While he debuted as an actor in Bollywood, he has now ventured into different areas of filmmaking – from the production of movies to hosting TV shows. The actor’s popularity is intact irrespective of all the highs and lows that he has faced in his life.