Nawazuddin Siddiqui Takes a U-Turn on ‘Quitting OTT’ Statement, Says ‘I am a Coward’

Mumbai: Actor Nawazudin Siddiqui says he owes his stardom to the OTT platforms, especially Netflix that made him who he is today. The actor was nominated at International Emmys this year for his performance in the Netflix movie Serious Men. While he got this newfound popularity for his roles and performance on various OTT shows and movies, Nawazuddin was recently reported to have said that he doesn’t want to work on OTT now.

The actor though clears the air around his statement. He says his ‘quits OTT’ statement was taken out of context and he never meant he will stop working on the OTT platforms. Nawazuddin said he tried to express his problems with the kind of content that has started dominating the OTT platforms now. The actor told India Today in his latest interview:

I am doing a lot of films for OTT. I am sitting here because of Netflix. OTT platforms have given us all international recognition. We get to showcase our talent there for the whole world to see. In my statement, I was talking about some production houses that randomly make anything. It was taken out of context and my intention was never to say that I want to quit OTT. I just don’t want to do anything that looks like a serial.

This was the second time that Nawazuddin was nominated at the International Emmys for his performance in a Netflix show. He first got the nod for his performance in Sacred Games 2. The actor added that being an actor gives him immense joy and actually allows him to become who he can’t afford to become in the real life. Nawazuddin said, “I am made for this. That’s why I feel I am an escapist and can’t face real life. When I am shooting, I start feeling as if that world is real. In real life, I am a coward. When I am in my character, I can at least speak the truth through him. In real life, I can’t do that because a lot of things can happen.”

Earlier, while speaking of the ‘redundancy’ in the content on the OTT platforms these days, Nawazuddin had told Bollywood Hungama:

The platform has become a dumping ground for redundant shows. We either have shows that don’t deserve to be seen in the first place. Or sequels to shows that have nothing more to say. It’s become ‘dhanda’ for big production houses and actors. Major film producers in Bollywood have cut lucrative deals with all the big players in the OTT field. Producers get whopping amounts to create unlimited content.”

While it may sound like a u-turn to many, Nawazuddin’s fans would be happy and relieved to know that he will continue to be the king of the OTT world… after all, there’s only one Ganesh Gaitonde!