Devoleena Bhattacharjee Reveals a Tuition Teacher ‘Misbehaved’ With Her But Family Refused to File Police Complaint

Mumbai: Actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee might have risen to fame with ‘Gopi Bahu,’ a character that shows exactly what is wrong with our society and families treating their bahus in a certain way, but in real life, the actor knows how to speak for herself. The popular telly diva, who has stepped inside the Bigg Boss 15 house as the new wild-card entry, recently spoke about facing sexual harassment at a very young age that scarred her for life. She used the incident to highlight how parents and society as a whole need to stay alert and be aware of not leaving their kids alone in dealing with such situations.

Devoleena appeared in the second season of Flipkart’s Ladies vs Gentlemen where she narrated an incident when her Maths teacher misbehaved with her. She mentioned that she was asked to not file a police complaint against the man by her parents fearing the societal stigma. The actor could be heard saying, “He was a very good teacher there. Everyone would go to him for tuition. All the good students and two of my best friends also went to him for tuition. Suddenly, after one week, they (my friends) stopped going. They went for one week, but stopped after that.”

Devoleena added that even though her mother went to the teacher’s wife and scolded him but nobody actually took any real action against him. “Then I went for tuitions and then he misbehaved with me. I went back home and told my mom. We went to sir’s house and complained to his wife. All that happened. But, I really wanted to take some strong action, because my two friends were there….perhaps it happened with them as well and then they left the tuitions,” she said.

The actor spoke about the insecurity and the fear of being shamed by society that stopped her friends to tell her about the teacher initially. Devoleena said they must have faced the same incident and that’s the reason they left the tuition before her but they never confided in her about anything. “They did not feel the need to inform me because they must have felt ‘what will society say? What will everyone say?’ My family also thought the same, right? That is why they did not go to the police and did not take any strong action. Today, I feel I must stand for myself and take action,” she said in the show.

Devoleena earlier spoke about facing heartbreak and hinted at being in a relationship where the man didn’t want to commit to her. The actor is currently entertaining the audience in Bigg Boss 15 with Rashami Desai who has also participated in the show as a wild card entry.