Anupamaa Fans Can’t Wait For Morning, Say Anuj Will Freak Out After The Big Twist in Story

Anupamaa latest news: The viewers of Anupamaa are waiting with bated breath to know how will Anupama show her acceptance towards Anuj Kapadia’s feelings for her. After the Tuesday episode in which Bapuji requested Anupama to understand that Anuj loves her very much and she deserves all that love, she seems to have decided to allow her heart to beat for Anuj. However, how that realisation occurs is something that the makers are yet to show and the beginning of the same will happen in Wednesday’s episode.

Several Twitter users trended #Anupamaa and #MaAn expressing just how much they are waiting to see their queen finally keeping herself and her life above everyone else’s. One Twitter user shared a gif expressing how the wait for the morning is getting difficult now, another user wrote, “Entire FD waiting for tomorrow’s episode #Anupamaa #MaAn #AnujKapadia (sic).” Check a few tweets here:

Meanwhile, seems like Vanraj has got some big business deal after which he has become this totally rich businessman. The latest promo of the show featured him dressed in a suit stepping out of a luxury car and flaunting his new swag. Vanraj’s new avatar is sure to bring a big twist into Anupama’s life and it’s definitely going to impact her relationship with Anuj who, too, is a super successful and extremely rich businessman.

What do you think of Anupama’s change of heart here? Will she accept Anuj’s love? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!