Anupama Agrees To Mark New Beginning With Anuj? Love Story Begins

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Fans are eagerly waiting for the day when Anupama and Anuj Kapadia’s love story will finally begin. However, seems like the latest episode of the popular show will fulfill all such wishes. Yes, you read it right. Anupama is likely to mark a new beginning with Anuj Kapadia. This comes after Bapuji advised her to accept Anuj and love him back. While Bapuji’s words left Anupama shocked, he further convinced her citing Lord Krishna and Radha’s example.

Shah family refuses to live with Kavya

Recently, Kavya announced that Krishna Kunj (the family home of Shahs) is now in her name. However, in the latest episode, we will see how from Kinjal to Samar and Pakhi, everyone said that they cannot live in the house. Kavya argues that she wants to keep family together but further added that she is fine even if they stay or not. She further insulted Paritosh asking if he will stay on the road because Rakhi Dave has also taken her penthouse back.

Vanraj seeks Anupama’s help

Vanraj is mighty angry with Kavya and he requests Anupama to convince others to stay there. He assures his family members that he will fix everything. Anupama also requests the family members to stay in the house. She also said that Vanraj is trying to keep the family together and therefore they must give him a chance. Further, Vanraj vows to take revenge from all those who have hurt him. He also adds that he does not love Kavya anymore.

Anupama to mark a new beginning with Anuj?

Later, Babuji tells Anupama that Vanraj never deserved her love but that doesn’t mean that she should not fall in love again. He tells her that God has sent Anuj for her and that she must let him enter her heart. This leaves Anupama shocked. However, Babuji puts a tilak on Anupama’s forehead and cites examples of lord Radha and Krishna. Following this, Anupama is seen walking towards Anuj. There’s also a ‘Happy New Year’ board in the background which probably signifies Anupama and Anuj’s new beginning.

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