Rubina Dilaik Calls Out Fake Fans Leaving Fandoms Because She is ‘Fat Now’ – Check Viral Post

Rubina Dilaik’s viral post: Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik addressed the ‘pseudo fans’ in her latest post on social media. The actor wrote how people labelling themselves her ‘fans’ have been disappointed with her weight gain or the way she conducts herself, and her other life choices. Rubina mentioned that if for whatever reason, people can’t accept her way of living, then they should stop calling themselves her fans.

The popular telly actor said she has been receiving a lot of hate mails and messages about not doing big projects, and not hiring a team to do her PR. Her note read: “Dear well wishers, I am observing that my weight gain is bothering you! You are relentlessly sending hate mails and messages, you don’t see my worth if I don’t hire a PR or if I don’t tip paps for spotting… You are threatening to leave fandoms coz I am fat now, I don’t wear good clothes and I am not working hard to get BIG projects (sic).”

She added, “Well, I am indeed disappointed that, FOR YOU, my physical appearance is far more important than my talent and my commitment to my work… But I have a good news for you all… It’s my life and it has phases, and you too are a phase of my life! PS: I respect my fans, so don’t call yourself my fan!” Check out the full post here:

Earlier, Rubina shared a larger perception of her weight gain. She mentioned that many people expect her to look a certain way but she doesn’t owe anything to anybody and she would always be kind to herself. The actor said her weight gain was a result of the COVID-19 recovery and she was trying her best to lose some weight ever since. “I am learning to love myself again after realising a perfect, lean body doesn’t define who I am… I gained 7 kgs post my Covid recovery which made me really uncomfortable and low on confidence! Struggled hard to get back to my usual 50 but…So here is to my beautiful people a lil nugget (which I am currently practising)! Weight is all about having your health first and not your looks…. Be kind to your body (sic),” she wrote in her Instagram stories.

Celebs are often scrutinised to look perfect from societal beauty standards. Sometimes, that takes a lot of toll on their mental health and Rubina sure knows how to not land herself in that tiring situation. Yeah?