Anupamaa Shocking Twist: Bapuji to Have a Heart Attack, Anuj Kapadia-Anupama to Begin New Phase

Anupamaa Shocking Twist: While the fans of Anupamaaa are expecting a new beginning between Anuj Kapadia and Anupama, something really shocking and unfortunate is on the way for everyone. As per the buzz, the upcoming episode will show Bapuji suffering from a heart attack upon learning about Vanraj taking away his sister Dolly’s share from the property.

As Anuj and Anupama begin the new phase of their relationship, Anupama is once again dragged back to her family after Bapuji falls sick and battles life due to a heart attack. In the Diwali-special episode, the audience saw how Dolly came to Baa, Vanraj and Kavya to make them understand that they should not have made Anupama give away her right to the property. However, a furious Vanraj criticised her, insulted her and asked her to sign the property papers and give away her right as well like how Anupama did.

Bapuji, who considers Anupama very dear to him, would get to know about the entire incident now. He would also get to know how Dolly was also made to sign the papers in his absence. This will shock Bapuji to the core and he would suffer a major heart attack. While Baa and Kavya would continue to blame Anupama for Bapuji’s condition, Vanraj would feel guilty about his behaviour towards his younger sister.

Currently, after Anuj’s confession, Vanraj has gone to Surat for work. Meanwhile, the fans are really excited to see how Anupama and Anuj move ahead now that they have addressed the elephant in the room and everyone knows that a one-sided love story exists there. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!