Anupamaa New Promo: ‘Dil Se Thankyou Mujhse Itna Pyaar Karne Ke Liye’ – Anupama To Blushing Anuj Kapadia

Anupamaa New Promo: In the new refreshing promo, it seems like Anupama has finally acknowledged Anuj’s love for her. After Anuj confessed his love for Anupama in front of the Shah parivaar, Anupama goes to meet Anuj and their warm meeting will definitely leave the fans excited. In the new promo, Anupama says that he wants to tell him something. She asks, “Boldu?”, to which Anuj said, “Please”. She then goes on to thank him for loving her so much which leaves Anuj happy and he cutely starts blushing. Anupama can be heard saying, “Dil Se Thankyou Mujhse Itna Pyaar Karne Ke Liye.” Anupama and Anuj, fondly known as MaAn shake hands and a shower of water fall upon them. The promo will leave fans’ hearts aflutter.

Anupama’s gesture also come as a surprise to Anuj as he was expecting her to not accept his love for her or to break all ties with him. He even got himself beaten by the locality boys for hurting Anupama and told GK, “Mein itna bad naseeb hu jisne Anupama ko bina paye hi kho diya.”

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Meanwhile, after Anuj confessed his love, Anupama was in a dilemma. Samar made her understand that she needs to value Anuj’s honesty and his pure love for her. He told his mother, “Jitni shiddat se aapne Mr Shah se pyaar kiya tha, use hazar guna zyada shiddat se Anuj ne aapse pyaar kiya hai.”

As Anuj made his confession, he even took a vow in front of Vanraj that he will stand with Anupama, no matter what. He also goes on to say to Vanraj, “Jab Zidd Janoon se takrayegi, toh zidd ko tootna hi padega.” Further, Vanraj planned to go to Surat.

However, Baa has an evil plan against Anupama and Anuj and said that they should get a ‘shagun’ for hiding their love. Kavya, on the other hand, is all set to take over the Shah residence legally.

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