Anupamaa Big Twist: ‘Mein Anupama Ko Pujta Hu’ – Anuj’s Love Confession Leaves Anupama Heartbroken

Anupamaa Big Development: In tonight’s episode, Anuj Kapadia finally confesses his love for Anupama in front of the Shah family. Anuj told Vanraj that he never deserved Anupama’s love for him, and Paritosh does not deserve a mother’s love and Baa also doesn’t deserve to be so loved and respected due to their bad behaviour towards Anupama.

Anuj’s Honest Confession:

Anuj confesses his love for Anupama and said, “Mein Pujta Hu Anupama Ko”. He further said that until he is breathing and blood is running in his veins, his love for Anupama will remain strong. However, he also said that it is a one-sided love and Anupama only consider him as a friend. He also said that he can even die for Anupama but she will never fall in love with him because her soul resides with her family and her kids.

Anuj Shows Mirror To Shah Family:

Anuj Kaspadia told Vanraj, Baa, Paritosh and Kavya that they keep levelling accusations on Anupama because they can’t accept that she has moved on and achieved success due to her own capabilities and Vanraj is just jealous of her success. He said that when their insults could not break her, they tried to rip off her dignity and respect.

Anuj-Anupama Break Down:

After hearing Anuj’s confession, Anupama walks back to her home in a shock state. Samar asks Anupama, “Why is it wrong that Anuj loves her?” She breaks down in tears. Samar tried to explain her that she needs to value Anuj’s honesty and love for her. Anuj, on the other hand, get himself bashed for hurting Anupama.

Kavya Continues With Manipulation:

Kavya goes on to manipulate Vanraj and Baa and said, “How can anybody love a middle-age woman, who is a mother to 3 children and mother-in-law to two?” She further calls Anupama an ugly looking lady, who cannot be loved. She then told Vanraj that he is mad for her because of her stunning looks. Vanraj then asked her to pack his bags as he needs to go to Surat for a meeting.

Will Anupama Accept Anuj’s Love Proposal?

What evil plan is Baa And Kavya planning against Anuj and Anupama?