Karan Kundrra Expresses His Love For Tejasswi Prakash by Gifting Pendant to Her- Watch Romantic Video

Bigg Boss 15: The romance is brewing in the BB 15 house between Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash. The TejRan fans wait for their moments to cherish the bond the due share in the reality show. In the latest promo shared by the channel, Tejasswi is seen getting restless as Karan is hiding something from her. She is amazed when he gifts her a chain and hugs her. Karan takes out the chain and wraps on her neck.

In the promo, Tejasswi sits with Karan as she points at the gift in his hand. She says he is teasing her knowingly and she is not liking it. The actor agrees to show her and gifts her a lovely pendant. Her face lit up on seeing the chain and she says, “It is so cute”. Tejasswi says, “It will be more romantic if he puts the chain on her neck.” She was delighted and hugged him. They are later seen sitting together as she pulled his cheek. Karan Kundrra makes a heart sign with his hands.

TejRan fans are in awe right now after the clip went viral and ask makers to show more of them. One of the things that is kind of trending on social media is #TejRan. Fans of Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra seem to love their chemistry. Karan has tried to make it obvious to Tejasswi that he has some feelings for her. So far, she has ignored it but it seems now she has come closer.

Watch the video:


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