BTS’ Jungkook Becomes The ‘Top Model Idol’ In Korea and ARMY Cannot Keep Calm

South Korea: BTS members – Jin, Suga, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, RM and Jimin are widely loved and are often appreciated for their stunning looks. The K-pop singers never fail to impress ARMY with their fashion statements. Now, the group member Jungkook has added a feather to his cap. The singer has been named as the ‘Top Model Idol’ by Forbes. Yes, you read it right. Jungkook has topped the ‘Forbes Korea Model Idol’ list in the magazine’s November 2021 edition.

Forbes also described the globally loved singer with his several talents as he is the group’s main vocalist, lead dancer, and the group’s sub-rapper. “He is well-known for his stable live performance that does not shake while performing strong choreography. He also showed a number of self-composed songs due to his excellent talent for composing and writing,” the magazine wrote while talking about Jungkook.

Several ARMY members took to Twitter and congratulated the K-pop singer. Fans also used hashtags like ‘Top Model Jungkook’ and ‘Forbes Model Jungkook’.

Meanwhile, Jungkook recently released a cover of Harry Styles’ song Falling. The cover was widely loved by fans from across the world. While Harry Styles’ song was placed at number 9 on Billboard’s Hot Songs chart, Jungkook’s version was on 14th spot.