BTS Practice For Grammy 2022 Performance, Photo of Dance Room Floor Makes ARMY Concerned. See Post

New Delhi: With the Grammy Awards 2021 being postponed by a few months, it seems as if BTS performed at the event only yesterday but it was actually around mid-March this year. 2022 Grammy Awards are set to take place in January end of next year and the most famous K-Pop group in the world, BTS,  is already practicing pretty hard for their performance.

Due to the massive following on Bangtan Sonyeondan and all its seven members, nothing goes unnoticed by the ARMY (BTS fandom), not even the little details. Every moment of the Bangtan boys gets captured and ARMY instantly starts trending them on Twitter. The most recent example of this is how shocked and concerned the BTS fans were on noticing how the floor of their dance practice’s room after their rehearsals for the upcoming Grammys.

Apart from the nominations, the septet is expected to perform at the event. And the BTS members – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – have already started practicing for it too. A picture of BTS from their rehearsal session has hit the internet and ARMY was very surprised to see the condition of the stage as it has scratches all over it. Netizens praised the boys for practicing so hard to give their best.

As the picture made it to social media, a user commented saying, “For real, I have never seen anyone else so serious about their stage performance as much as them. Also for eating and foot volleyball. Lolllll.”

Another comment said, “Not only BTS, but in any profession or industry, people only see the results and glory of people who maintain their success. But they sweat their blood and tears to earn those results, so that’s why their success is even more valuable and shine brightly.”

BTS has submitted their song Butter for the nominations of Grammy Awards 2022.